Story opens with womanizer Bokka Kanya Reddy (Ajay) and his friend cum relative (Thagubothu Ramesh) flirting the girls. Into the next scene Sharath (Shivaji) and his batch of seven friends kidnap Kanya Reddy, who happens to be the brother of politician Bokka Bomma Reddy (Posani). What is the rivalry between Sarath and Kanya Reddy? Why Sarath wants to punish Kanya Reddy and how his friends helped him? What happened to CI Sastri (Bharath Reddy) and his brother who are on duty to trace Kanya Reddy?

  • MOVIE Dasami
  • Director Dasami
  • Music DirectorDasami
  • Producer Dasami
  • CastDasami
  • Released Date 2010