Chatrapathi, the story starts with a flashback, Shivaji(Prabhas), Ashok and their mother (Bhanu Priya) live in Sri Lankan coastal village. Ashok envies his stepbrother Shivaji, with whom his mother is more attached to. They were forced to migrate to India from the natives of Sri Lanka. At that time Shivaji estranges from their family and lands in Vizag. 12 years after the incident Shivaji (Prabhas) working for a mafia don Bhaji Rao Vizag port area. He along with the refugees live as a slaves to Bhaji Rao. After digesting humiliation for years, Shivaji revolts against the mafia don and kills him off and brings the refugees from the rut of a life. He becomes a leader and brings cheerfulness to his the colony. On the parallel, his grown up brother Ashok (played by Shafi) also lives in the same colony and sabotages his brothers plan to meet his mother. The second half deals with Sivaji winning back his brother and mother.

  • MOVIE Chatrapathi
  • Director S S Rajamouli
  • Music DirectorMM Ke
  • Producer B V S N Prasad
  • CastPrabhas Bhanupriya Shriya
  • Released Date 00/00/2005