Kabali Craze: Companies block Theatres!

Humongous craze for 'Kabali' is blowing everyone's mind. Already, Jet Airways was involved in the branding of the Rajini starrer. Even Kabali SIM Cards have been sold now. Muthoot Finance introduced Gold Coins after 'Kabali'.

Fans weren't hesitating to express their love for Rajinikanth. One of them even changed the Karnataka registration number of the car into 'Kabali'.  The vehicle owner converted '8' into 'B' and '1' into 'I'.

Some of the Companies based in Chennai were booking entire theatres for their Staff. Employees were planning to dress up like 'Kabali' on the release day.  

'Kabali' is releasing simultaneously in 60 countries across 4,000 screens on August 22nd. In USA alone, Premieres were planned in 445 screens so far.

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