Writer And Director Of 'Udta Punjab' To Do A Film On Chambal's Dacoits Next

After making Udta Punjab, which is a drug-drama, writer Sudip Sharma and director Abhishek Chaubey are all set to team up again for a film on the dreaded dacoits of Chambal.

Reportedly, the film is set in the 1970s when the dacoits were at their peak in the region. Sharma, who visited Chambal for the initial research, said that the story will revolve around the lives of Chambal dacoits.

During his visit to Chambal, Sharma met some reformed dacoits and found that the stories of the dacoits are quite different from what is portrayed in Hindi films. He added that he is still writing the story and wants to capture the reality of the dacoits.

Chaubey, who is currently prepping for the release of Udta Punjab, is expected to visit Chambal with Sharma after the film's release.

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